NFL, Divisional Prediction – AFC. PART 1.

Here at BRL Sports, like everyone else we’re counting down the days until the NFL season kicks off once again. Now only two days away until the Packers visit the Seahawks in the season opener, it’s time to try and predict those divisions. Starting with the American Football Conference (AFC).

AFC East

1, New England Patriots (13-3)
2, New York Jets (8-8)
3, Miami Dolphins (5-11)
4, Buffalo Bills (3-13)

Same old same old in the AFC East, as the Patriots will take their 12th divisional title in 14 years. An improved defence and an always productive and hopefully healthy offense will see New England in familiar playoff territory this season

If Geno Smith continues to grow, and improves his TD to INT ratio, along with their running game, the Jets could surprise many teams this season. However, facing the Chargers, Broncos and Patriots in consecutive weeks isn’t going to help Rex Ryan’s chances of making the post season.

With a deteriorated O-Line, the Dolphins still need more time. After giving up the most sacks in Football last season, 58 to be exact, things can only improve… Right? So maybe by rebuilding that offensive line, Tannehill might be given the chance he needs to improve and grow into that franchise QB. Unfortunately, they just aren’t good enough yet.

The Buffalo Bills… Another change of scheme on the defensive side of the game. Obviously players are going to need time to adapt, and despite being a team that can stand their own in their division, they’re going to struggle in and outside the AFC East.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)
Baltimore Ravens (8-8)
Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)
Cleveland Browns (5-11)

Like last year, the Andy Dolton led Bengals will make it out winners of the tough AFC North, proving to be one of the toughest divisions this year. Those explosive receivers and solid D will push Cinnci over that mark and into a playoff spot.

A much more improved Ravens team than last year, with the addition of Steve Smith’s speed and a rejuvenated defence, Baltimore could return to be that feared group once again. However, I fear they don’t match up as well against divisional rivals which could perhaps make them fall short.

The Steelers will be improved. Upgraded firepower on offense, with the backfield looking strong. Despite that, D is still going through a transition and will be the downfall of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Get ready for a ridiculous season in Cleveland, it’s going to be fun. Everyone wants Manziel, but they won’t have him… Hoyer, despite learning under Brady isn’t a proven starter. Manziel has superstar potential, but will it be tarnished if given ‘too much of a chance?’

Stayed tuned for part two of our AFC Predictions, when we discuss the AFC South and West. IMG_0653.PNG


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