NFL, Divisional Prediction – AFC. Part 2.

Here at BRL Sports, like everyone else we’re counting down the days until the NFL season kicks off once again. Now only two days away until the Packers visit the Seahawks in the season opener, it’s time to try and predict those divisions. Starting with the American Football Conference (AFC).

AFC South

1, Indianapolis Colts (12-4)
2, Houston Texans (8-8)
3, Tennessee Titans (5-11)
4, Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12)

Andrew Luck and the Colts continue to grow as a complete team. Reggae Wayne is back, heathy and no doubt ready to get going again. The Colts will be one of the best teams in football this year, look out AFC.

Scarily good defense, if it all falls together were looking at a possible Defensive Player of the Year (JJ Watt) and a potential Defensive Rookie of the Year (Jadeveon Clowney). However, QB issues continue to remain and it is still the most important position in the game. But Houston won’t end up with the number one pick at seasons end.

The Titans are building, and in a few years time they could perhaps challenge the rest of the division, but if Jake Locker can’t stay healthy, it’ll only get worse for the Titans.

Much more improved this year round, like the Titans, they’re on the right track but that won’t be good enough this year and won’t result in wins just yet.

AFC West

1, Denver Broncos (13-3)
2, San Diego Chargers (8-8)
3, Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
4, Oakland Raiders (4-12)

Arguably the best team in the NFL, the Broncos will continue to set scoreboards across the league alight. Their defense is a lot better as well, however their schedule is tough, really tough and they will lose games this year.

Another team with a tough schedule, resulting in a tough season. San Diego are still a very good team, but they won’t challenge Denver for the AFC West crown.

Unable to do much this offseason, the Chiefs haven’t really added to their core. Jamaal Charles will be up to his usual stuff, and Alex Smith might continue to surprise people, but when it comes to match-ups, they lose.

Rookie QB Carr set to impress this season, and will prove to be the future of the Raiders. Savvy vets could also help, but all in all we know what’s going to happen with the Oakland Raiders.

There we have it for the AFC. Stayed tuned for NFC’s Divisional Predictions!

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