Youngsters Power Red Sox Past Yankees

The Boston Red Sox, current World Seres Champions, sit dead last in the AL East with a 61-77 record. However, whenever the chance arrives to get one over your biggest rival, you take it with both hands. That’s exactly what the Red Sox did last night, beating the New York Yankees 9-4 at Yankee Stadium.

When you’ve sucked as hard as the Red Sox have this year you take joy in as many things as you can, but beating a rival when they’re miles ahead of you in the standings and they’re focused on a pennant race whilst you’re trying keep your head above the water shouldn’t count for much. But when team pride is involved, you want to beat everyone, no matter the opponent. And hey, if it stops the Yankees getting into the post season it’s a win for everybody.

Last night was a joyous occasion for Red Sox Nation as the Yankees were picked apart by two of Boston’s young and hopeful prospects. Two 21 year olds, Xander Bogaerets and top prospect Mookie Betts laid waste to Jeter’s boys by combining for seven hits and two home runs to ensure everyone that winning still matters.

Bogaerets had his first four hit game of his career, along with his first homer since July 29th. Is the slump finally over? Better late than never right?

Then Betts came along and went 3-5 on the night, adding a couple of runs and a homer. But the Sox’ prospect proved he was just as explosive on the defensive side of the game, making a spectacular catch, taking away extra bases from Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Are these youngsters finally proving their worth? Betts now has two hits in four of his last five games. Both just 21 with a lot still to offer. The future of Red Sox baseball is indeed very bright.

Another positive, Joe Kelly finally got his first win as a Red Sox and it couldn’t have come at better time (How about earlier in the season?). If you’re going to beat anyone for a first win as a member of the Red Sox, make it the Yankees.

On a final note, Daniel Nava ended a drought of 245 at bats without a homerun, by crushing one deep for a 3-run shot.

It isn’t much, but it’s nice to see positives this late in the season, when you are where you are as the Red Sox. Maybe a late surge could be beneficial for next season, who knows.

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