Blue Jackets’ super fan displays incredible weight loss in teams season opener

You all remember the large, belly wobbling Columbus Blue Jackets super-fan ‘Dancing Kevin’, right? 

The fan who no doubt drew the attention of thousands with his crazy, topless antics during TV timeouts at Nationwide Arena, was back in his usual position on Thursday night, cheering on his beloved Blue Jackets as they opened their 2016/17 campaign against the Boston Bruins. But those who tuned in to the game noticed that the Kevin Schroeder we’ve all become to know and love, didn’t quite look himself. 

‘Dancing Kevin’ become an online sensation with his overzealous naked (shirtless) dancing, wobbling his belly and even pouring beer all over himself. 

Over the past few years Kevin used his weight to his advantage. Painting various words and drawings on his belly, all for the world to see. But now, there might not be as much belly space to paint on as there once was. 

During Thursday night’s opener, Kevin showed off his incredible new look. One that amazed many. ‘Dancing Kevin’ appeared on the Nationwide Arena jumbotron as always, but this time with a lot less to show off. 

After being urged by doctors to lose weight and take care of his overall health, Kevin dropped near to 160 pounds in just under 9 months, and it didn’t take long for him to display his new look on Thursday night.

The Blue Jackets lost 6-3 to the Bruins, but well done, Kevin. Well done. 


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