Loui Eriksson starts Canucks career with comical own goal

Last season LW Loui Eriksson scored 30 goals for just the second time in his 11-year career for/with Dallas Stars/Boston Bruins. 

When the Bruins failed to move Eriksson at last years trade deadline, they knew it’d be very difficult to resign him in the off-season. It was. They didn’t. He signed a 6-year deal with the Vancouver Canucks. 

No doubt the Swede will be missed in Boston, his two-way style of game suited the Bruins very well, and his offensive game seemed to be improving year after year as a member of the Black and Gold. 

Now, west of the border, not much has changed. Eriksson is still scoring goals, just in the wrong net. 

The Canucks winger got his first year with his new hockey club off to a dreadful start. Eriksson ended up putting the puck in his own net on a delayed Calgary Flames penalty after skating through and around centre ice, only to lay the puck off to nothing but open ice and eventually his teams own net. 

The rough start was highlighted by the comical efforts of Canucks D-man Erik Gudbranson chasing down the puck, failing, and flying into his own net. 

Loui Eriksson would later redeem himself with an assist, as his Canucks would take a 2-1 SO win over the Calgary Flames. 

Onwards and upwards for Loui. 

Enjoy the own goal here: 

Loui Eriksson own goal


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