MLB: 2017 Season Awards Predictions

Following up on the 2017, MLB Season Preview and Predictions, it’s time to go one step further and predict who’s going to win what award this upcoming season.

Last season presented us with a mixed bag of winners… Some expected, some unexpected. All worthy of course, but equally the runners up and possible snubs deserve a mention.

Mike Trout took home the American League MVP last season, despite the Angles’ poor record of 74-88. His individual brilliance was enough to lead his team to that number of wins without much support. Trout is invaluable to his team, without his production last year the Angles would have been a lot worse off. Kris Bryant followed up his Rookie of the Year season with a spectacular sophomore year to take home the National League MVP honours.

Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello just edged out former Tigers teammate Justin Verlander for the AL CY Young award (highly doubt anyone called that prediction at the start of last year), much to Kate Upon’s dismay. Another former Tiger, Max Scherzer took home the NL CY Young award as a member of the Washington Nationals. It wasn’t all ex-Tigers that won though, as righty Michael Fulmer (actual member of Detroit Tigers) picked up Rookie of the Year honours for the American League. Across the divisions, to no ones surprise shortstop Corey Seager won the NL Rookie of the Year.

Although nothing will ever be bigger than the Cubs winning the World Series for the first time in centuries, this season looks setup to be full of everything you want in a good baseball season.

Who’ll win what this year? Lets have a guess…

American League MVP: Mike Trout


Probably the same guy most people put down as their choice for AL MVP every year. But its the right choice. It isn’t even a safe choice either, its simply the right one. Mike Trout is the best player in baseball, he has been for a couple of years already and he’s only just turned 25. Most Valuable Player award number 3 coming up.

Honorable mentions

Mookie Betts: Arguably could have snatched the MVP award out of Trout’s hands last season. Betts all-round game is constantly improving, expect another big season from him. No doubt he’ll be in the MVP race once more.

Manny Machado: A load of career highs last season, including  37 homers, 96 RBI’s, 105 runs and a batting average of .294 and that was all at the age of 23. The future is bright for Machado and his Orioles.

American League CY Young: Chris Sale


The Boston Red Sox newly acquired ace came at the cost of a few pretty big prospects. But in order to win now, it was needed. In a rotation that already has two winners of this award (David Price, Rick Porcello), Sale will be the best of the bunch this year, with more run support and a better defense behind him, he will take home his first Cy Young.

Honorable mentions

Felix Hernandez: King Felix is always in the conversation when it comes to the CY Young award, and this years no different. With a contending team and a much improved defensive outfield and a win-now starting 5, a big season is in store for Felix and his Mariners.

Corey Kluber: The pitcher who simply doesn’t seem to run out of gas. He threw 215 regular-season innings last year, and then made 3 starts in the World Series. Kluber leads arguably the best team in the AL, and he’ll be a big reason why they have another great season.

American League Rookie of the Year: Andrew Benintendi


Benintendi doesn’t even feel like a rookie anymore. Even though he only played 34 Major league games last season, his numbers were pretty good (.295/.359/.476) and his impact/chemistry in the outfield with Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr was quite a sight. The no.1 prospect in baseball becomes the no.1 rookie.

Honorable mentions

Yoan Monacada: Acquired in the Chris Sale trade with Boston, there hasten’t been many prospects that have made quite the impact or money that Moncada already has. Yes, he’ll start the year in triple-A, but he’ll tear the cover off the ball and will be up in the majors before you know it.

Aaron Judge: The Yankees young smasher has a lot to prove in 2017, after he came out of the gates flying a year ago. He crushed a homer with his first major league at-bat, but dropped off considerably after a few games. However, he seems to be the favourite to land the LF starting job, and given time, he’ll be hitting balls out of Yankee Stadium soon.

National League MVP: Bryce Harper


Bryce Harper is going to bounce back with authority this season. An average year last time out due to a few niggling injuries, Harper is primed to return to his 2015 self and with the Nationals being one of the major leagues favourites to win the WS, theres no doubt he will be in the thick of it, picking up his second MVP award. Oh, and he’s only 24.

Honorable mentions

Nolan Arenado: An all-round superstar in the making… or perhaps he already is a star. The Rockies certainly think so. Arenado hit 41 HR’s with 133 RBI’s last season, and much of the same is expected this time around.

Corey Seager: Last seasons Rookie of the Year, with a batting line of .308/.365/.512 and a third place finish in the MVP voting at just 22 years of age, Seager is setup to be a special player. His batting and defensive abilities are second to none and he’s only entering his second full season.

National League CY Young: Clayton Kershaw


Like with the Mike Trout prediction, this is another ‘oh is that the only pitcher you know’ kind of thing. But Kershaw has won the CY Young three times already, along with an MVP award, and is still producing consistent brilliance and hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. Obviously he has to stay healthy, last year his missed time with back issues, but he still managed an ERA of 1.69 in 21 starts a year ago.

Honorable mentions

Noel Syndergaard: It’s only a matter of time before Syndergaard overtakes Kershaw as the best pitcher in the NL. But similarly to his rival, keeping healthy is a must for any ace and Syndergaard has experience his fair share of niggling injuries. A 2.60 ERA and a 218 strikeout season a year ago has him set for another CY Young contending year.

Madison Bumgarner: Proven himself in the post-season over and over, one of league’s best and most reliable pitchers. Bumgarner has finished inside the top 10 of this award four straight times… Perhaps its time he finally won it.

National League Rookie of the Year: Dansby Swanson


Some say Swanson has the ability to become the next Derek Jeter (…maybe). But, you don’t get compared to the The Captain without doing something right. In 38 games last season Swanson showed the baseball world why he’s a no.1 overall pick, hitting 302/.361/.442. The perfect guy to help rebuild the Braves, even if they have another poor season, Dansby Swanson will be a bright spot.

Honorable mentions

Tyler Glasnow: Hard throwing righty, who had four major league starts to his name last season. He’s young, and as is about as reliable as you’ll get for someone of his age. The Pirates will use Glasnow frequently at some point this season.

Hunter Renfoe: The young outfielder destroyed Triple-A pitching last season, and being on a team that won’t be very good for a while, he’ll most probably see a lot of major league action. Given the time he needs, Renfoe could be a huge asset.


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