A little love: MLB Opening Day

Opening Day in the major leagues. Is there anything better? Whether you’re a kid, teenager, student, adult, or a pensioner; that feeling of walking into the ballpark for the start of a new season is irreplaceable. Whether you traveled to a game, or tuned in to your teams local sports network, you would have witnessed all the build up, seen the wonders of a Opening Day ceremony, and heard the snap of the catchers glove as the seasons first pitch is thrown. To experience an occasion like that, whether its slightly exaggerated or not, is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Baseball is back, folks.

Everyone loves the fact that everything to do with Opening Day is exaggerated and well overblown. It’s part of it. It’s what makes the day so great, and its why its become such an occasion. Why shouldn’t people be able to mark the start of another season with pre-game celebratory parades, and crazy ceremonies? Yes its just 1 game out of 162, but its an event. An event that people love being a part of. It’s something that brings fans of sport together. It brings friends and families together and nobody should criticise it because of that.

You know what else is so great? The fact that every team starts as equal. Perhaps not on paper, or I the minds of diehard fans. But every team gets a clean slate. Every team starts 0-0. Even the lesser teams, the Padres, the Twins, the Reds… All start with hope. Even if its just a glimmer, they get to start the season with the same optimism as the teams that won over 100 games last year. It’s a beautiful thing.

I love every single part of Opening Day, and so should you.




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